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Faith Based Treatment in Arizona
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For many people, having a spiritual belief is essential for recovery from addiction. Because of their strong religious background, faith based treatment in Arizona plays an integral role in the recovery for these addicts. They can provide the resources necessary for the person to overcome addiction and lead a normal life.

Numerous faith based treatment programs/Christian treatment programs exist in Arizona. They have various treatment options and other unique differences, but all incorporate faith or Christianity into the programs.

What is a Faith Based Program?

A faith based program incorporates a spiritual aspect into the treatment program. It deals with the unique struggles faced by those with a religious background. These programs help a person deal with the struggle of addiction while utilizing spiritual beliefs for recovery. The person still receives traditional treatment such as detox, medication and behavioral therapy but all treatment includes a spiritual component.

The addict who attends faith based treatment in Arizona will receive education on drug addiction and counseling, but they will also be educated on spiritual principles. They will participate in some type of religious study, meditation or prayer. Group therapy will often include special religious studies. At the same time, the addict will receive training to prevent relapse.

Addicts can find a program in Arizona that follows their specific faith. For example, faith based treatment in Arizona has programs designed around the Christian faith. Other addicts may not feel comfortable in this environment and will need to seek out a different facility. For the Christian addict, it provides another component to treatment that will deal with all aspects of the addiction problem.

12-Step Program

Many 12-step programs began as religious treatment programs. For example, Alcoholics Anonymous incorporates religious principles into its recovery program. For example, step two is to understand that a higher power can help with addiction. Step three advocates turning one’s life over to God. Other steps include asking God for help in overcoming addiction and encouraging prayer.

The primary benefit of these programs is that the person believes they have someone who can help them overcome addiction. They don’t have to face it alone. People with a spiritual belief system often feel they are divided when abusing a substance. Recovery helps reunite their spiritual beliefs with their behaviors so that they can feel whole again.

In addition to specific faith based programs, some programs exist which include a spiritual component as well as non-spiritual treatment. These programs are designed for the person who isn’t sure what they believe spiritually.

Continuing Support

Many faith based programs provide ongoing support after initial treatment is completed. For instance, the 12-step programs like AA often allow for lifetime membership. This provides a support system that continues whenever the recovering addict needs it. They have someone to turn to and never have to feel alone or be left to fight the addiction on their own.

Other programs encourage the person to seek out a church or membership in a faith based group to provide ongoing support for the addict. This helps fight any negative relationships the person may have and helps the person continue to practice their faith to avoid relapse.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction and you have a spiritual background, you may find that faith based treatment in Arizona can help you overcome your problem better than a secular program. You can develop your faith as it helps you recover from addiction, so that you can go on to enjoy a happier life. Reach out to an addiction specialist today for more information on faith based treatment.