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Family Therapy in Arizona
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Addiction is not a solitary problem that just affects one person. It impacts everyone around the person, especially the family. For this reason and to help the addict recover, family therapy in Arizona is often necessary. Many treatment facilities in Arizona offer family therapy, but you may not consider it until you understand its importance.

How Addiction Impacts the Family

A person who is addicted to a substance often impacts everyone around them. They may avoid contact with family members or be angry and hostile whenever they are using. They may suffer from severe mood swings resulting from use and withdrawal of a substance. These mood changes can be alarming and confusing for someone who isn’t aware of the substance abuse.

Many times, relationships are damaged, especially if the addict becomes verbally or physically abusive. Children can suffer neglect as well if their basic needs aren’t met. The addict often loses their job and becomes unable to provide for the family.

The Family’s Role in Addiction

Family members often play a role in the addiction that keeps the person abusing the substance. They don’t do this intentionally, but it is often by their attempts to help that enable the person to continue the addiction. These roles vary and it’s possible for the person to play more than one role or to have several family members take on a different role.

  • The addict – his is the person with the addiction and all other roles revolve around this person; he or she becomes the center of attention
  • The hero – this person works to make everyone, including the addict, look good to outsiders; they ignore or hide the problem and put on a happy face
  • The lost child – This person stays out of everyone’s way and is quiet; they try to never cause any problems for the addict
  • The mascot – This is the person who tries to keep everyone happy with humor
  • The scapegoat – This person acts out around other people and often draws attention from the addict by exhibiting negative behaviors
  • The caretaker – This person not only takes care of the addict but all other members of the family; they cover up for the addict and makes excuses for their behavior

What Happens in Family Therapy in Arizona?

In family counseling or treatment, all of these roles are addressed. The family members learn to recognize their own roles and how each contributed to their loved one’s ability to continue the addiction.

While family treatment is about supporting the addict, it’s also about learning how to take care of oneself. Each family member must recognize the importance of supporting each other and caring for their own emotions and needs. At the same time, they learn how to build a stronger relationship with the addict through therapy.

Many times, the family members are as unwilling to recognize the addiction as the addict. Family therapy in Arizona helps them to see the condition, which can help the addict receive the help he or she needs.

Part of many Arizona drug treatment centers is ongoing family counseling. This helps ensure the family members provide positive support for the continued recovery of the addict. They learn more about addiction and its impact and help the person maintain long-term recovery. Strong family support lessens the chances of relapse for a recovering addict, which is why family therapy in Arizona is beneficial for everyone involved.

If you are seeking an Arizona treatment center for your loved one, consider a facility that offers family counseling. When you choose this type of treatment, you are not only helping your addicted loved one get the help he or she needs, you’re helping your entire family heal.