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SMART Recovery in Arizona
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Many people are surprised to learn that the 12-step model of drug and alcohol treatment is not the only program available to those that are struggling with addiction. A number of other programs have appeared in recent years that utilize a different approach to addiction treatment. SMART stand for Self-Management and Recovery Training. SMART Recovery in Arizona offers a different way of treating addiction by putting the power back in the hands of the addicts themselves and encouraging them to find the motivation to remain sober. SMART recovery meetings have become popular in Arizona and across much of the US, and there are currently around 1,300 meetings being held worldwide.

What Is SMART Recovery?

SMART recovery in Arizona teaches addicts how to empower themselves and deal with cravings using science-based techniques. The program utilizes a number of different methods such as motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT) to help addicts learn how to take control of their addiction. Unlike the 12-step program, SMART Recovery does not consider total abstinence to be the main goal of treatment as learning how to use alcohol or drugs in moderation is considered to be a successful outcome.

What Are The Four Main Points of SMART Recovery?          

SMART Recovery in Arizona is based on a four-point program that is designed to help people overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol.

  1. Building and Maintaining Motivation – Addicts are encouraged to find their own motivation to give up drinking or using drugs such as improved health, better job prospects and a more harmonious family life. Motivational interviewing techniques are employed to help addicts come up with a list of reasons to get sober.
  1. Coping With Urges – Addicts are given a set of tools to help them cope with cravings. A combination of CBT and REBT is used to help individuals learn how to resist the urge to abuse addictive substances.
  1. Managing Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors – Stress, anger and depression can all act as potential triggers for drug use unless the person finds healthy ways to deal with their emotions. Addicts learn rational ways to deal with negative thoughts or overwhelming feelings that could result in relapse.
  1. Living a Balanced Life – Addicts are taught how to balance the short-term pleasures of drug use against the long-term pleasures of remaining sober.

Is SMART Recovery Right For Me?

SMART Recovery in Arizona is ideal for those who do not identify with the notion that addiction is a disease that cannot be controlled. People that prefer a more hands-on approach to addiction treatment will benefit from SMART Recovery techniques as well as those that prefer science-based therapy methods. SMART recovery in Arizona can be used to assist with all types of addictions including drugs, alcohol, food, gambling and sex.

Principles of SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery techniques seek to assist addicts on their own path to recovery. Each meeting is designed to be educational and informative while encouraging open debate among members. Addicts can speak freely about their drug or alcohol use as total abstinence is not a necessary requirement of attending meetings. All of the techniques used in SMART Recovery are based on modern, scientifically proven therapies that are useful in treating addiction. As scientific knowledge evolves, the techniques used will also expand to include the most up-to-date methods available.

If you would like to attend a SMART Recovery meeting in Arizona, then you can visit their main website to find details of meetings near you. Attempting to overcome addiction alone is a difficult process, but support groups can offer help and guidance on different techniques to deal with cravings and maintain your sobriety.