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Alternative Treatment in Arizona

Addiction is a serious problem for many people. While many treatment programs exist, they don’t all work for every addict. Sometimes, the most effective program includes alternative treatment. You can find many facilities that include some type of alternative treatment in Arizona, and it’s important to understand your options when helping a loved one choose a facility for recovery.

What is Alternative Treatment?

Alternative addiction treatment is often used in conjunction with traditional methods such as individual and group counseling to aid in recovery. Many times, it is utilized in serious or long-term addiction or addiction complicated by mental health disorders. People who don’t respond to traditional therapy may be more receptive to these alternatives.

Many times, a therapist will incorporate a different type of therapy that fits with the person’s background or personality. For example, someone with a creative background may respond better to art or music therapy. Alternative programs are often included in the assessment of the addict when a treatment plan is put into place. For others, they may be added if the person stops responding to therapy.

Types or Alternative Programs

When selecting an addiction treatment facility, you may want to consider one that includes alternative treatment in Arizona if you feel it would be beneficial. These programs can help a person recover faster and prevent relapse for the long term.

Art therapy allows the person to be creative, using drawing, painting or other mediums to express their emotions. Many times, the therapist can learn more about how the person thinks and feels through what they create. It is often beneficial for someone who is unable to express emotions in words. Creating art can also release emotions for the addict instead of using a substance to deal with feelings of anger, sadness or hurt.

Music therapy works in a similar way for the person who either enjoys listening to or performing music. They can select a song that matches their mood or expresses their feelings or they can create a song of their own. Not only does this provide a healthy way of dealing with feelings, it can also give the therapist more information about the addict when the addict can’t express it verbally.

Many treatment programs use restorative yoga to help a person deal with addiction. Yoga teaches the person how to stay calm in a tense or unpleasant situation. They can learn how to meditate to feel at peace and deal with the urges to use the substance. It also helps with physical well-being, which can also lessen the chance of relapse.

Equine therapy is another form of treatment, which is useful for animal lovers as well as those who have never been around animals. Many times, it’s easier for a person to form a bond with an animal than another human. In this therapy, the addict learns to work with horses and care for them. They develop a sense of responsibility for an animal that needs them. The therapist can also observe them and see how they respond to the animal and their ability to develop a relationship.

In all of these and other alternative programs, they are only effective for specific addicts. Not everyone will respond to each type of therapy, but all are beneficial to a select group. In all instances, they are designed to be part of a total treatment program at an Arizona treatment facility. Choosing the right alternative treatment in Arizona depends on the person’s background and personality as well as the specific addiction and reasons behind it.

If you or a loved one are seeking help for an addiction, consider one that includes some of these alternative treatments.