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Partial Hospitalization in Arizona
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Partial hospitalization in Arizona offers an intensive form of addiction treatment where addicts attend a center up to seven days a week for counselling, therapy and medical detox. After receiving treatment, patients can return to their homes during the evening allowing them to continue with their family responsibilities. Also known as day rehab, partial hospitalization in Arizona has become more popular over the last few years among those that are searching for a high level of care that is less restrictive than inpatient treatment.

What Does Partial Hospitalization Consist Of?

Partial hospitalization programs begin with a medically supervised detox for patients that are currently abusing addictive substances. The detox phase can last from a few days to several weeks depending on the nature of the addiction. A team of physicians will monitor the patient and prescribe any medications necessary to counteract unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Patients then begin a series of therapy sessions alongside group counseling and other forms of alternative therapy. Partial hospitalization in Arizona is more intensive than outpatient treatment and patients are expected to check in with their doctor every day. Unlike residential treatment, patients do not sleep at the center but are still expected to refrain from drugs and alcohol throughout the course of treatment.

Is Partial Hospitalization Right For Me? 

Partial hospitalization in Arizona is an excellent next step for those that have just completed an inpatient treatment program. Recovering addicts that have recently suffered a relapse may also choose partial hospitalization if they feel a 30-day inpatient program is not necessary. Those who are currently struggling with addiction but are unable to complete a residential program due to work or family commitments would benefit from partial hospitalization programs, as they can receive treatment without having to completely disengage from their lives. Those with mild to moderate addictions are best suited to day rehab as those with more severe addictions that can cause dangerous withdrawal symptoms such as seizures should opt for inpatient care.

Partial Hospitalization Program Goals

Partial hospitalization programs are designed to help patients safely detox from addictive substances through the use of medications and vitamin supplements. The programs also provide different types of behavioral therapy such as motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy to address the psychological addiction to drugs or alcohol. Diagnosing and treating mental health disorders is also an important part of addiction treatment as addicts are three times more likely to suffer from mental illness than the general population. Rehabilitation centers in Arizona have experience in dual diagnosis and will treat both the addiction and the mental disorder simultaneously to ensure the best chance of recovery. Addicts are then taught how to apply the skills they have learned in therapy to their everyday lives to avoid any potential triggers that may lead to them using again. All patients are encouraged to participate in some form of aftercare program such as local support groups or family therapy sessions to reduce the risk of relapse once treatment has ended.

Day rehab is an ideal option for those with young children who cannot leave the family home for weeks or even months to receive treatment. Partial hospitalization in Arizona typically lasts for around seven days, but the treatment can be extended if the patient requires it. Day rehab is also a more economical option than inpatient treatment as patients will not be paying for 24-hour care.

If you are currently struggling with an addiction but do not wish to enter a residential treatment facility, then partial hospitalization may be the perfect option for you. Contact an addiction specialist for more information about the benefits of partial hospitalization.